As anarchist-communists we believe that it is necessary to fight for social revolution across national borders and that by working together with comrades around the globe we must build a worldwide revolutionary movement. For that reason since the beginning of 2020 we have intensified our contacts to other anarchist organizations from our platformist/especifist current. Since then our continuing cooperation has produced a multitude of international anarchist declarations on a variety of topics. The links below will lead to the German versions but you can find the declarations in various languages on the website of the international anarchist network

But it’s also crucial to us to enable non-German speakers who live in our region to join us and/or work with us building power from below against state, capitalism and all forms of oppression. That’s why we try to make as much of the content we produce accessible to non-German speakers. For example you can find our short introduction to the organization in various languages (English, Spanish, Portugese, French, Greek, Turkish, Italian) and we also translate a lot of our more important texts and theoretical documents. You can find some of them here:

Additionally we try to give interviews to other groups of our current on a regular basis:

But of course we are aware that much of our content is still “hidden” behind language barriers and we know that we aren’t able to devote enough time to the task of translating all of our texts. That’s why here is a list of texts worth a translation if you’ve got the time: